My ex from high school is going to a different school kind of far away.  Sometimes we talk on Skype and I’ll point the webcam at my bed and get naked and put on a show for him.  I was doing this about an hour ago.

I started out naked on my back teasing my pussy with my fingers, getting it wet.  Then I started rubbing my clit and really fingering myself.  I got out a dildo and started working it in slow.  Right about then he said “Oh shit, my roommate is back in our room.” and I said “I don’t care, let him watch.”  He did’t believe me at first and almost clicked off but I told him I didn’t care.

His dorm-mate ended up sitting in front of the laptop with him watching me fuck myself.  I put on a really good show for them both.  I told them next time maybe they can get a couple of more guys to watch 🙂