Good morning to me.

I woke up this morning so horny I was already wet and my nipples were completely hard.  I was on my stomach and instantly put my hand down to my pussy and started to sort of grind against it.

I could have easily cum in seconds, I was that worked up.  Instead I slowed down and switched to rubbing my nipples.  I could feel my pussy craving being full so I reached into my nightstand and got my favorite dildo.
I got up on my knees and faced the headboard.  I raised up to slide the dildo into my pussy intending to go slowly but ended up sitting down on it and just riding it fast and hard.  By the time I came I was a little sweaty and completely soaked.
Such a good way to start the day.


Wishing I had a daddy here to play with me tonight.  There’s nothing like a guy twice my age fucking me and letting me drink his cum.  I need a daddy right now.


My ex from high school is going to a different school kind of far away.  Sometimes we talk on Skype and I’ll point the webcam at my bed and get naked and put on a show for him.  I was doing this about an hour ago.

I started out naked on my back teasing my pussy with my fingers, getting it wet.  Then I started rubbing my clit and really fingering myself.  I got out a dildo and started working it in slow.  Right about then he said “Oh shit, my roommate is back in our room.” and I said “I don’t care, let him watch.”  He did’t believe me at first and almost clicked off but I told him I didn’t care.

His dorm-mate ended up sitting in front of the laptop with him watching me fuck myself.  I put on a really good show for them both.  I told them next time maybe they can get a couple of more guys to watch 🙂

Monday fun.

On Mondays I have a long break between two of my classes.  I decided I was going to explore the building my next class was in to see if there was a place I could go and sit and rub my pussy.  Not just for today but for other Mondays when I need a stress release.

I figured if all else failed I could use one of the restroom stalls, but that’s a last resort.

Luckily I found a little corner nook where there are a couple of benches and a mini atrium.  I was surprised no one was there because it has a little tiny water fountain and it’s quiet and would be a good place to study.  Oh well.

I snagged my backpack and plopped it into my lap.  After a couple of minutes I slid my hand down under my skirt and started rubbing my clit.  It only took a couple of minutes because I was excited to be in public and I got off like CRAZY.  Next Monday I’ll be going right back to the same place.

Weekend sex

Last night I got throughly fucked.  I went out dancing with some friends from school.  We were in a loud bar (no fake ID so I couldn’t drink, boo) and I couldn’t hear my phone ringing or texts coming in.   I went to the bathroom to freshen up at around midnight and saw that I had several messages.

My married fuckbuddy was trying to reach me.  His wife had head out of state for the weekend and he wanted me to come fuck in their bed.  I called him back and he said he would  pick me up immediately.

We drove back to his house.  I ducked when we turned on his street so no one would see and he drove us right up into the garage.  Once we were inside he stripped me naked and sat me on the kitchen counter and ate my pussy until I got off twice.  Then he carried me to their bed and fucked me over and over.

We slept a few hours and I woke up to pee.  When I got back in bed I sucked him awake and we fucked some more.  I stayed all day and we fucked so many times my pussy is sore.  I just got home now (5am Sunday morning) and I need some sleep.

Married FB visit

I had a favorite fuck buddy (I’ll call him Rob) over this evening.  He’s an older guy I met at Target of all places.   We met last year when I was still in high school and he was shopping for a present for his wife.  We kept flirting and talking and eventually I went to the panties and bra department because I knew he was following me.  He came up to me while I was picking out panties and I started asking him which ones he liked best.  I got him totally hard just teasing.  I gave him my number and we hooked up a couple of days later.

We couldn’t go back to his place and I sure couldn’t take him back to my Mom’s house so we’d get a room at Motel 6 and fuck like bunnies.  Now that I have my own place (with a roommate) I could finally have him over to my apartment.

He pounded me an insane amount because he’d been unable to see me much over the last couple of weeks because of the holiday.  During that time he was stuck with his boring wife so he had a lot of cum for me.